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Theodor Hosemann Der Stralauer Fischzug Art Print Kunstakademie Düsseldorf


Title: "Der Stralauer Fischzug" Lithograph Art Print

Artist: Theodor Hosemann (1807-1875)

Portfolio: Unknown. Portfolio was not complete when i acquired it but it does feature many famous artists from 1800s Germany. Believe to have been printed around the early 1900s. 

Print dimensions: 6 inches x 11 inches.

Folder dimensions: 13.75 inches by 18 inches    

Condition: Art print is in fair to good condition. Was part of an unknown volume of works by 1800s German artists. Edges have some wear from storage. Overall good condition for the age. Art print comes attached to an individual folder. Folder shows wear. Would make an excellent addition to any collection!