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About Us

     Our passion at has always been to provide our customers with some of the most interesting and collectible items in the business.  We started our first store "Barrington Square Cards" over 30 years ago next to a movie theater located in Northern Illinois.  The majority of our customers would stop in before or after a show and we started to notice their interest regarding the movies they had seen.  That is when we shifted our focus from mainly sports cards and memorabilia to movie cards and memorabilia in order to accommodate our customers' interests and passions for film.  We started buying everything we could in order to satisfy their hunger and love for the movies!  As our inventory started to evolve more into the non-sport card and movie related arena, we could see our customers' excitement as we were able to provide more collectibles of this genre.  It has been truly rewarding for us to do so over the years.  After the success of two retail stores, a thriving mail order business, and three websites, we are now proud to announce our launch of  Happy Collecting!