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Star Trek The Complete Deep Space Nine DS9 Gallery Chase Card Set G1-G10


Description: The Complete Star Trek Deep Space Nine DS9 Gallery 10 Card Chase Set G1-G10 produced by Rittenhouse Archives. Included are the following 10 cards:  

Deep Space Nine Gallery (1:40 packs)

   G1     Captain Benjamin Sisko

   G2     Colonel Kira Nerys

   G3     Lt. Commander Worf

   G4     Chief Miles O'Brien

   G5     Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax

   G6     Dr. Julian Bashir

   G7     Jake Sisko

   G8     Constable Odo

   G9     Quark

   G10    Ensign Ezri Dax

Manufacturer: Rittenhouse Archives, 2003.

Condition:  Mint/Near Mint