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Star Trek Quotable Deep Space Nine DS9 Final Frontier Chase Card Set DSN1-DSN9


Description: The Quotable Star Trek Deep Space Nine DS9 Chase Card Set

Space: The Final Frontier (1:8 packs)

DSN1    Top left / Triptych right

DSN2    Top middle / Triptych center

DSN3    Top right / Triptych right

DSN4    Center left /

DSN5    Center / Ship bottom left

DSN6    Center right /  Ship bottom right

DSN7    Bottom left /

DSN8    Bottom middle / Ship top left

DSN9    Bottom right / Ship top right

Contents: 9 card chase set, includes cards DSN1-DSN9 

Manufacturer: Rittenhouse Archives, 2007.    

Condition:  Mint/Near Mint