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Lost Season 2 Two (14) Pieceworks Costume Card Set PW1-PW11 with PW12A + PW12B


Description:  Lost Season Two Pieceworks Costume Card Set

Contents: (14) Pieceworks Costume Cards (1:36 packs) included are the following:

   PW-1     Pants worn by Terry O'Quinn as John Locke            

   PW-2     Shirt worn by Naveen Andrews as Sayid                

   PW-3     Shirt worn by Yunjin Kim as Sun-Hwa Kwon             

   PW-4     Shirt worn by Josh Holloway as James "Sawyer" Ford   

   PW-5     T-shirt worn by Jorge Garcia as Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

   PW-6     Shirt worn by Evangeline Lilly as Kate Austen       

   PW-7     T-shirt worn by Dominic Monaghan as Charlie Pace     

   PW-8     Shirt worn by Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje as Mr. Eko    

   PW-8     ---Mr. Eko [rare thick version; by redemption]       

   PW-9     Sand Card featuring Charlie (by redemption)

   PW-10    Sand Card featuring Hurley (by redemption)

   PW-11    Sand Card / Shirt Worn by Josh Holloway as James "Sawyer" Ford (by redemption)

Confession Multi-Case-Purchase Incentives

  PW12-A    Red shirt worn by Harold Perrineau as Michael Dawson

  PW12-B    Blue jeans worn by Matthew Fox as Jack Shephard     

Manufacturer: Inkworks, 2006.

Condition:  Mint/Near Mint.