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James Bond Autographs & Relics Triple Relic Costume Card Set STC1 thru STC7


Description: James Bond Autographs & Relics Triple Relic Costume Card Set

Contents:  7 authentic Limited Edition triple relic/costume cards, STC1 through STC7 with each card featuring 3 pieces of costume material worn in the movie "Skyfall."

STC1    Patrice - Jacket, Shirt, Pants
STC2    Ronson - Shirt, Pants, Tie
STC3    Severine's Bodyguard - Jacket, Shirt, Pants
STC4    James Bond - Jacket, Shirt, Pants
STC5    Silva - Vest, Shirt, Jacket
STC6    James Bond Jacket - Shirt - Pants
STC7    Silva - Coat, Trousers, Sweater

Manufacturer:  Rittenhouse Archives, 2013.

Condition:  Mint/Near Mint.