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Original 1855 Signature Franklin Pierce 14th President United States Land Grant


Description:  Original Hand-signed document of President Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States 1853-1857.  This document was written on an Official Stamped Land Grant.  Signed in 2 locations on document.  

Description:  40 acre Land Grant Document signed by President Franklin Pierce to John Johnson of Clarksville, Arkansas.  Grant may be from one of the historic Johnson County family members.

Contents:  One Original 10 inch by 15-1/2 inch document dated First of March, 1855.  

Manufacturer:  United States of America General Land Office.

Condition:  Bold clear signatures.  Document has been folded and has creases.  Aged with a few small holes and a few small tears at folds at bottom.  Loss of paper on embossed seal.