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2020 Outlander Season 4 Lot of (5) Promo Trading Card P1 P3 P4 P5 P6


Description:  2020 Outland Season 4 Promo Card

Contents: (5) Promo Trading Cards:  

P1 (Claire and Jamie in woods, facing out) Wizard World New Orleans, January 2020

P3 (Claire on brown horse) Season 5 Premiere Los Angeles, February 2020

P4 (Claire/Brianna clinch) Cryptozoic eStore March 2020

P5 (Claire in garden) Cryptozoic eStore April 2020

P6 (Jamie and Claire at tree) Cryptozoic eStore April 2020

Manufacturer:  Cryptozoic Entertainment,  2020.  

Condition:  Mint/Near mint.