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19th Century Decorative Art Ornament Lithograph Portfolio Print Germany 1877 #2


Description: 19th Century Decorative Art Ornament Lithograph Portfolio Print

Artist: Master E. S. - Master of 1466.    

Sheet: #2 

Subject: A young lady with heraldic shield and helmet 

Paper Size: 11 5/16 inches by 14 5/8 inches. 

Image: 10 inches by 6 1/2 inches. 

Manufacturer: Das Ornament Und Die Kunstindustrie In Ihrer Geschichtlichen Entwickelung Auf Dem Debiete Des Kunstdruckes by J.E. Wessely. Berlin Germany, 1877. 

Publisher: Nicolaische Verlags-Buchhandlung, 1877

Condition: Art print is in good condition, edges have some wear from being stored. Came out of portfolio book that was made in Germany in 1877. Has some writing on the lower right corner. Overall good condition for the age. Would make an excellent addition to any collection! 

Artist Bio: Master E. S. (c. 1420 – c. 1468; previously known as the Master of 1466) is an unidentified German engraver, goldsmith, and printmaker of the late Gothic period. He was the first major German artist of old master prints and was greatly copied and imitated. The name assigned to him by art historians, Master E. S., is derived from the monogram, E. S., which appears on eighteen of his prints (variants appear on others). The title, Master, is used for unidentified artists who operated independently. He was probably the first printmaker to place his initials on his work. Remaining signed works by E. S. indicate that he was active in printmaking from 1450 to 1467, the latest date to appear on one of his prints. After this date, he is presumed to have died. He was the most distinguished German engraver before Martin Schongauer.