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19th Century Decorative Art Ornament Lithograph Portfolio Print Germany 1877 #12


Description: 19th Century Decorative Art Ornament Lithograph Portfolio Print

Artist:  Nicolaus Alenander Mair (1450-1520)  

Sheet: #12

Paper Size: 11 5/16 inches by 14 5/8 inches. 

Image: 5 1/4 inches by 7 1/2 inches.         

Manufacturer: Das Ornament Und Die Kunstindustrie In Ihrer Geschichtlichen Entwickelung Auf Dem Debiete Des Kunstdruckes by J.E. Wessely. Berlin Germany, 1877. 

Publisher: Nicolaische Verlags-Buchhandlung, 1877

Condition: Art print is in good condition, edges have some wear from being stored. Came out of portfolio book that was made in Germany in 1877. Has some writing on the lower right corner. Overall good condition for the age. Would make an excellent addition to any collection! 

Artist Bio: Nicolaus Alexander Mair lived 1490 in Munich and 1497 in Augsburg city court book mentioned as a brother of Anna Holbein, the mother of Hans Holbein d Ä. M. was equated with the engraver Mair unknown first name, which is due to in the lurch, “The hour of death” being played in the city arms out literature as “Mair von Landshut”. The latter, however, is not archival in Landshut prove. The messages on the 18th and early 19th century, declining message that he was born in 1450 in Landshut, and in 1520 died there has not yet been proven. This also applies to the claim that the painter was in the years 1492, 1499 and 1514, named as a court painter in Landshut. The accompanying him earlier name Nicholas Alexander is based on mixing with the last third of the 16th century make Augsburg engraver Alexander Maier. For work of the engraver in Landshut speaks that the resident Seidensticker and publisher Hans worm M.sche has designs implemented in the lurch (Anne of Trinity), after him copied and probably the form Schneider of his woodcuts were (Schubert)