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1950 Vintage Jaeger LeCoultre ATMOS 519 Swiss Mantle Clock Nash Motor Co

Very nice early 1950s Vintage Jaeger LeCoultre ATMOS Mantle Clock Model 519.
This clock was given to Laurids Jensen from the Nash - Kelvinator Corp for their service 1906-1950. 
Nash - Kelvinator Corp name was used after Nash Motor Car and Kelvinator Appliance merged in 1937. 
I purchased this clock recently at a local estate sale.
Looks to have been taken care of.
I have no service records on this clock so it will most likely need to be serviced. 
It will only run for a little while, roughly an hour. Will need to be repaired. 
Does have some wear and tarnishing on the brass.
One major spot of tarnishing is on the back. 
The serial number dates it to the early 1950. This clock's serial number is 50537.
It is a Swiss made clock, caliber 519. 
This clock will ship Fedex, so it will not ship to PO Boxes. 
Shipping cost will include insurance.