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19th Century Decorative Art Ornament Lithograph Portfolio Print Germany 1877 #35


Description: 19th Century Decorative Art Ornament Lithograph Portfolio Print

Artist: Zoan Andrew (active 1475-1520)

Sheet: #35

Paper Size: 11 5/16 inches by 14 5/8 inches.

Image: 7 3/8 inches by 11 3/4 inches.        

Manufacturer: Das Ornament Und Die Kunstindustrie In Ihrer Geschichtlichen Entwickelung Auf Dem Debiete Des Kunstdruckes by J.E. Wessely. Berlin Germany, 1877. 

Publisher: Nicolaische Verlags-Buchhandlung, 1877

Condition: Art print is in good condition, edges have some wear from being stored. Came out of portfolio book that was made in Germany in 1877. Has some writing on the lower right corner. Overall good condition for the age. Would make an excellent addition to any collection! 

Artist Bio: Zoan Andrew made his debut in Mantua, with burin engravings inspired by Andrea Mantegna 's technique , ie with oblique, parallel and zig-zag lines; he came later to blend in a criss-cross pattern and, gradually neglecting the zig-zag, added the marbled ground.  Around 1490 he left Mantua to move to Milan, where he came into contact with Leonardo da Vinci and reproduced some of his drawings with a burin . Other engravings of him seem to derive from drawings by Leonardo's artists.

He collaborated with the miniaturist and engraver Giovanni Pietro Birago - who was well received at the Sforza court - to create a series of decorative panels. He also engraved sixteen large panels, some with war machines, as well as five copies of works by Albrecht Dürer and subjects inspired by Mantegna, such as Judith with the head of Holofernes ; among the seven engravings by him with an erotic subject, the Two lovers and The embrace, are Leonardesque subjects.  Only two of his engravings are dated (1505): a copy of Dürer's Virgin and Child and a rectangular panel with ornaments.