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Keep Punching Everyday! Poster World War 2 II WW2 Labor (28" X 40") 1943


Title: Keep Punching Everyday! WWII Poster 

Size: 28.5 x 40 inches

Condition: Poster is from the United States War Production Board and made in 1943.  Poster states: "Keep Punching...Every Day!"  Poster has vibrant color and amazing quality, this poster also has a very distinct art style and features a labor worker punching out Hitler.  Poster has War Production address and numbers A-39, O-531141.  Poster is in great condition for it's age, but has been stored folded. As a result, the poster has several tears and a few holes at the folds. Please see full-color, enlargeable images below for more details.

Grade: Fine/Fine+